Save The Boo

The BOO has been around for 132 years and we have survived the last Pandemic plus World War I and II along with all other Wars and dramatic social change and a different business model that has opened up the doors to the entire community and not just a selected few.

We desperately need your help to ensure that we survive the current crisis and to allow us to reopen our doors. We need you to come back to the Boo where you have previously enjoyed a get together or functions by making a booking for the last half of the year. We need the money to help keep the doors open and to make some improvements including much needed toilet upgrades.

We applied to the State Government to get a loan but we were unsuccessful because both tranches were oversubscribed. We need money and bookings to survive this Pandemic and subsequent economic hardship. Nobody has been untouched by what is going on and we wish the best to you all as we put our hand out whilst you too may have yours out as you contend with your own difficulties.

If you are able to help us out we ask that you head to our GoFundMe page to make a donation at:

A donation of as little or as much as you can afford will definitely help us out.

Yours Sincerely

The BOO Crew

The Boo Awards