Terms & Conditions

1. Deposit

Payment of the deposit or other confirmation of your booking means that you accept these terms and conditions. Bookings do not become confirmed or valid until payment of the deposit is made. Deposit amounts vary based on the function type and time of year with details appearing on your booking confirmation. The deposit can be paid by Visa, MasterCard or AMEX over the phone. Deposits are not required for table bookings for lunch/dinner or bowling only sessions. Payments by Amex cards incur a 3.5% surcharge.

2. Security Bond

Buck’s/Hen’s parties and 21st birthday parties require a $300 security bond prior to the commencement of the function, payable by cash or credit card. The security bond is fully refundable if no damage is sustained during the function.

3. Dress-code

We have a causal dress requirement which includes patrons being in fancy dress costumes but expect all patrons to be appropriately attired at all times. Clothing with profanity, racial, religious or sexual remarks/symbols is strictly prohibited. Footwear is required at all times (unless bowling). Sandals, thongs and sneakers are all acceptable.

4. Cancellation

(a)  For any booking outside of the designated Christmas period:- Notice of cancellation for a confirmed booking must be given by the client and received by us 2 weeks prior to the date of the event. If a cancellation is made prior to this period then the deposit shall be refunded. If the cancellation is made within the 2 week ‘cancellation window’ we reserve the right to retain the deposit.

(b) Cancellation for Christmas period 1st November to 31st December:-   Require 33% of the arranged booking cost as a deposit and is absolutely non-refundable. Given four weeks’ notice of a cancellation at this time of the year, we will honour the deposit to be used by you/your company at any time the following year until June 30th.

5. Postponing an Event

Subject to the cancellation clauses and management’s approval, a client may postpone a booking and any money paid will be retained as a part payment for the new event. A rebooking fee of $100 will be retained from your existing deposit.

6. Payment

Full payment for the bowls and food component of the function is required on arrival and if a bar tab is being utilised then a credit card must be held at the bar and settled immediately following the conclusion of the function. Final payment for the function shall be made by the client by EFT cash or bank cheque, Visa or Master card, AMEX or EFFPOS. When payment is made by EFF it is required in advance of the day of the function.

7. Venue Hire

Specific function areas should be inspected to ensure the area selected meets your requirements. Extensions to the five hour period are available on request and a surcharge may apply. Management may waive the venue hire fee at its discretion dependent upon the number of guests in the group booking and the anticipated spend.

8. Pricing

All prices quoted are current at the time of booking and are subject to change without notice, unless the booking has been confirmed. Up to date prices are confirmed on the booking confirmation issued prior to the event. Prices may be subject to increase due to supplier charges or other circumstances outside our control. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.

9. Final function details

Food requirements, beverage arrangements, audio visual needs, room set up, bowling time, start and finishing times must be confirmed by close of business five (5) days prior to the event. During the November/December period these details are required ten (10) days prior to the event.

10. Final numbers

Final numbers for each function are required by close of business five (5) days prior to the event. Once your final numbers have been confirmed this will be the number of persons charged unless you increase the numbers on the day. During the November/December period your final numbers are required by close of business ten (10) days prior to the event.

11. Responsible Service of Alcohol

Under the Liquor Licensing Act, all parties drinking must remain within the designated licensed areas and may not take drinks off the premises. No guest under the age of eighteen (18) will be served alcohol. All guests under the age of 18 years must have their legal guardian remain on premises at all times during the visit to The Boo. Any guests who look under twenty five (25) years of age may be asked for ID and must ensure that they have sufficient ID on them in order to be served alcohol. Management reserves the right to exclude or eject any guest from the function or from the premises without refund to the client if the client is unduly intoxicated or disorderly.

12. Security Staff -21st Birthdays

It is a condition of the club that professional security staff be engaged to supervise all 21st birthdays. This is at the cost of the client and is billed as part of the booking.

13. Minors

The Liquor Act strictly prohibits the service or provision of alcohol to minors and requires that minors are accompanied by a suitable adult at all times. All guests under the age of 18 years will be asked to be stamped to identify them to all personnel. Any guest over 18 years providing alcohol to any minors will be removed from the premises along with the underage drinker and may face penalties under the liquor act.
All guests under the age of 18 years must have their legal guardian remain on premises at all times during the visit to The Boo

14. Outside food and beverages

No externally sourced food or drink is to be bought onto the premises. The only exception to this are celebration cakes which will be subject to cakeage charge for storing, cutting/or serving.

15. Decorations

The Client is permitted to display signs and hang decorations on the premises using 3M removable adhesives or Blu—Tack. Under no circumstances is a client, its employees, agents, contractors or guests allowed to use nails, crews, staples, or sticky tape, or any other adhesive to any wall, door, ceiling or other surface or part of the building. The client is liable for any loss or damage caused by the placement or the removal of any signs in accordance with this clause. NO table confetti or party poppers are allowed and an additional cleaning charge of $150 will be levied to the client in breach of these restrictions.

16. Loss or damages

The client shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the premises, its fittings and/or equipment or injury to any staff member caused by any guest of or contractor engaged by the client, or his servants or agents prior to, during or after the function. The client shall also be responsible for loss of or damage to their property and or the property of any guest or contractor engaged by the client or his servant or agent, left on the premises prior to, during or after the function; and shall indemnify the Club in respect of any such loss or damage. The Club does not accept responsibility for loss of personal property/belongings.

17. Additional permits

The client shall be liable at his/her own expense to obtain all permits and consents as required for the conduct of the function or any part thereof, over and above those already held by the Club; and shall indemnify the Club in respect of all losses incurred as a consequence of any failure by the client to obtain any such permit or consent. Management shall be at liberty to prevent any activity for which any required permit or consent is not obtained by the client, without being liable to the client for any loss occasioned by such prevention.

18. Deliveries & pick ups

Management will take all due care with any goods or third party equipment delivered to the premises on behalf of the client, prior to the event. Such deliveries cannot be made more than two days prior to the function and all goods must be removed on the completion of the function. Should the goods not be taken on the completion of the function or collected by the following morning, we reserve the right to forward these goods to the client by courier at your expense. All such goods are not covered by the Clubs insurance policy.

19. Function timing

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they attend the function at the specified time. Management will not be held responsible should all guests not be punctual in arriving or being seated, or should speakers, attendees or the client delay the commencement of any event, or if any other interference beyond the control of the venue does not permit us to commence service at the contracted time. If the function begins after the specified starting time, it will still be subject to the finishing time specified in the event booking agreement specifications unless venue management agrees otherwise.

Note: Amendments to these terms and conditions being applicable to your booking will only be accepted following communication with and confirmation in writing by Management.